Accessibility Statement

Fodmap Essentials is committed to ensuring this site is accessible to web users with disabilities. All content published on this site is rated against accessibility checklists prior to publication. Conformance status, known limitations and other relevant information is detailed below.

Conformance Status

The Fodmap Essentials website is hosted in the United States, is subject to local, state and federal jurisdictions in the United States and is intended to be used primarily by an audience composed of United States citizens.

Currently, no federal laws mandating web accessibility standards exist in the United States and, to the best of her knowledge, the site owner’s state of residence has no such laws applicable to private businesses.

As such, the site owner defers to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and the World Wide Web (W3) consortium for conformance standards. The US DOJ generally recommends websites be accessible through at least the W3 WCAG 2.1AA. Those are the standards used for this site.

While efforts are made to conform to WCAG 2.1AA standards, 100% compliance is not attainable or guaranteed. This site should at all times be considered partially compliant with WCAG 2.1AA. Known limitations of this site will be listed below, when identified.

Users should be aware that this site uses third party software, such as plugins. Advertisements from third party brokers may also appear on the site, including video ads within advertiser-owned media players. Efforts are made to ensure all third-party software used on the site meets current accessibility guidelines. However, users must recognize that the site owner has no control over these third parties or their conformance to such guidelines.

It is expected that users will employ current technologies when accessing this site. This includes currently-up-to-date web browsers and assistive devices. Fodmap Essentials cannot be held responsible for access barriers caused by outdated technologies.

Known Limitations

There are currently no known access limitations for this website. Known limitations will be listed here when identified.


If you have any questions or encounter barriers when accessing content on this website, please contact the site owner at